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Changing Egg Quality with Your Diet

Egg health is an extremely important factor when it comes to female fertility. Traditionally, it was believed that egg quality was only affected by one determining factor: age. While age is usually the most critical factor for egg quality and the overall health of the ovarian reserve, it is not the only influence that can […]

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What Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Dairy Dairy is another food group that clients often ask about.  The general philosophy is that we eat in moderation and dairy during pregnancy is important for the much needed calcium needed for baby and mom to be.  Most dairy products in Canada are safe because they are pasteurized meaning that bacteria and micro-organisms are […]

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Is Caffeine Safe To Have During Pregnancy?

The amount of caffeine to be consumed prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy is hugely contended with many conflicting research stating whether it is good or bad for mothers to be.  Health Canada states that minimizing caffeine intake to 150-300mg daily is ideal and will not pose harm to the growing fetus.  Here is a […]

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