Menopause signifies the end of menstruation in a woman’s life.  It is a natural physiological transition that occurs in a woman’s life when the ovaries cease to function to produce estrogen and progesterone.

Some women do not experience any discomfort during this phase while other women experience various range of symptoms due to the changes in hormone level during menopause.

Treatment Options:

Traditional Chinese Medicine also views menopause as a natural phase in a woman’s life in which our kidney essence becomes depleted.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help harmonize the imbalances our body goes through during this stage in our lives and alleviate menopausal symptoms such as:

·  headaches
·  fatigue
·  lethargy
·  irritability
·  anxiety
·  nervousness
·  depression
·  insomnia
·  inability to concentrate
·  hot flashes
·  vaginal dryness
·  lowered libido
·  sweating

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