Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction formerly called Impotence is a topic that is not commonly discussed and for a long time was considered taboo.

The inability of performing sexually can interfere with a man’s self esteem and confidence leading to frustration, dissatisfaction and resentment.

Erectile Dysfunction can refer to a range of disorders, the most common is the “inability to obtain an adequate erection for satisfactory sexual activity”. It can also include the curvature of the penis during erection, prolonged painful erection and premature ejaculation. We are gaining better understanding of the cause and sources of the disorder and in order to understand where the problem lies we must understand the physiological changes required to sustain a normal erection.

The physiological changes required include:

  • Arousal
  • Nervous System – Arousal signals the nervous system to increase blood flow to the penis
  • Blood Vessels – The blood vessels relax allowing increased blood flow to the penis

If any of the above steps do not occur an erection cannot be sustained. In addition, factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and drugs can also cause this disorder. Drug induced erectile dysfunction has been found to be more prevalent with the use of prescriptive drugs such as cimetidine, antihypertensives and MAO inhibitors.

Treatment Options:

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can provide a safe natural alternative to helping men with this disorder. The practitioner will determine the diagnosis based on Chinese medical theory, determining whether acupuncture or herbal medicine or a combination of both would be the best means of treatment. Treatment plans would generally range from a minimum of 10 -20 sessions at once a week.

According to Chinese Medical theory there are two main causes to this disorder, the disorders are determined by the other signs and symptoms that are presented in addition to erectile dysfunction.

Traditional Chinese medical treatments can be very effective if treatment if pursued early. Both acupuncture and herbal therapy take a holistic approach accounting for mental, physical and environmental aspects.