Depending on our personalities, our circumstances and the loss that we encounter, grief is experienced differently from one person to another.

The loss of a family member, a relationship/ job or miscarriage can be devastating, and are some of the reasons we may experience grief.  Recovering from a loss is not an easy journey, support from your family and health care team is essential in the healing process.

Acutoronto can help you through this difficult time by offering you Counseling and Psychotherapy, helping you to find the tools to manage and overcome grief. As well as Acupuncture that can help your mind and body heal from the emotional trauma you’ve experienced.

Grief after Miscarriage

There is no right way to deal with the loss of a pregnancy or the loss of a baby; everyone has a unique process of grief. Some individuals find resilience and healing in their friends and family, while others have more difficulty working through the course of loss. The body goes through significant hormonal changes during pregnancy that can have an impact on mood and coping. Grief that is debilitating can cause suffering and depression and these feelings can leave you isolated and lonely. Talking to a professional about your loss can help to bring solace and regain a sense of self.

Suggested Treatment Options Include:

Councelling and Psychotherapy

Mental health Counselling can be an effective way to manage these feelings.


Acupuncture can help your mind and body heal from the emotional trauma you’ve experienced. In addition to helping replenish your body of nutrients and aid in preventing miscarriage on your next pregnancy.