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Massage for Children and Teens

Written By: Patti MacGregor, RMT

Often massage therapy is specifically marketed to adults, but it can also be beneficial for both children and teenagers. Studies have shown that short regular massages have positive results for children dealing with ADD and ADHD helping the child to become calmer and more focused. Usually these types of massage are done with the child in comfortable clothing, either seated or laying down and would consist of mostly arm and leg work with some focus to the back lasting about 15-25 mins.

Massage therapy for teens enrolled in competitive sports or professional music programs can also be enormously helpful. On top of the emotional stress of being a teenager, doing homework and finding time to socialize these kids are also spending hours honing their craft, be it an instrument or a sport, it may eventually take a toll in either early burn out or injury.

Massage treatment options for teens can be based on their comfort level. The treatments could be anywhere from 30-90 mins long, can be done with the client wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or a more traditional Swedish massage with sheets and oil. Thai Massage is great for athletes as it’s all about improving flexibility and increasing range of motion. This type of massage is done on the floor with the client wearing comfortable loose fitting clothing while seated or lying on a mat.  The easiest description is lazy mans yoga, the therapist does all the work guiding the client through a series of yoga postures while adding a stretch and using acupressure points.

Even if you have an inactive young adult at home massage therapy can be great for helping them through the stress of being a teenager. With all the physical and emotional changes their bodies are going through combined with a less then optimal diet, many of them may also have an erratic sleep schedule on top of it which can mean an increased risk for developing aches, pains and injury. Massage has also been proven to help with anxiety and depression, lowering aggressive tendencies, improving posture and decreasing overall stress and tension. It can improve body image, and sleep patterns, lower stress hormones, increase immunity and heighten concentration levels.

If you have a teen in your life, book them in for a massage today and make everyone happier!