Low Ovarian Reserve and Poor Egg Quality

Low ovarian reserve or low egg quality is a common diagnosis now that western medicine has fine-tuned diagnostic methods. A scary diagnosis but one that can be helped!

What does it mean?

Low ovarian reserve – First off, females are born with all the eggs we will ever have, as we age this reserve of eggs are naturally shed through every menstrual cycle. Fertility doctors are able to now take a blood test, testing AMH levels. If the AMH levels come back low, it is concluded that there is a lower number of eggs remaining, meaning that you are closer to menopause.

Poor egg quality – Is simply the quality of these eggs, it’s DNA integrity and it’s energetic ability to grow.

While we are unable to change your ovarian reserve there are several factors that affect egg quality according to Chinese Medicine, the overall quality of your health, thyroid levels, stress levels, quality of your diet. All of these factors when tweaked can help to improve the quality of the egg, improving your chances of conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Recommended treatment plan is ideally 3 months, giving your body sufficient time to resolve existing health issues. Eggs are also selected 3 months prior to being released for a cycle, allowing for 3 months of treatment allows that particular egg to be directly affected by treatment that you received.

Real Case: “Stella” had undergone 2 previous IVF’s both retrievals were successful with 8-10 eggs retrieved. 6-7 eggs were mature enough to be fertilized, however once fertilized none of the eggs grew to a day 5 blast size. Unfortunately her first cycle was canceled.  They proceeded with a second IVF cycle and were able to have a transfer this time with a single embryo that survived to day 3 marula stage.  Heartbreakingly this transfer did not result in a pregnancy either. Frustrated and discouraged after 2 failed IVF attempts “Stella” and her husband SOUGHT out acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for treatment. She received 3 months of acupuncture, once a week along with bi-weekly massage therapy.  “Stella” continued acupuncture during her next IVF cycle. Her retrieval after this period was similar, except this time 5 embryos survived and two healthy embryos were transferred at day 5, blast stage. The remaining 3 healthy embryos were frozen for future transfers. This time she had a healthy pregnancy with twins!

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