Labour Inducing Essential Oils

Labour Inducing Essential Oils
So you are approaching 40 weeks of pregnancy or are overdue. You are hoping and dreaming of a natural labour with as little interventions as possible. Your question is what can you do to help your labour along and try and achieve your natural birth?

1. Walking
Walking will help promote blood flow throughout he body and enable the uterus to contract more consistently. Just steady slow to medium pace walking is sufficient. When contraction come ensure you continue to stand and walk after contractions as relaxing can slow the frequency and intensity of contractions.

2. Acupuncture
Studies show that acupuncture has a 70% success rate in nudging the body towards labour. Acupuncture for labour will help drive more blood flow through the uterus and calm the mother to be. This combination will help improve and increase symptoms of labour, improving frequency and intensity of contractions while aiding in descending the baby and ripening the cervix. Treatments are recommended 48 hours apart beginning at 39-40 weeks of pregnancy.

3. Acu Pressure Points
In addition to acupuncture pressing specific pressure points can help promote labour. These points include: LI4 and SP6. Press/massage these points with your thumb or index finger with a pressure that is tender for 1 minute each every hour.
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4. Essential Oils
These 3 essential oils should not be used during pregnancy and should only be used if you are looking to promote labour. Both of these oils will help:

1.Clary Sage
Can be used to help induce labour, improve uterine blood flow and initiate contractions. How to use it:

A. Diffuse in the air
B. 2 drops mixed into 10ml of carrier oil. And rub on ankles and abdomen

2. Jasmine
Used to promote strength of contractions. How to use:

A. Diffuse in the air
B. 2 drops mixed into 10ml of carrier oil. And rub on ankles and abdomen.

3. Rose
Rose can help tight pelvic muscles relax and stretch during the birth. If moms to be’s muscles are tense or if during birth the baby is giving trouble passing through the pelvic canal. Rose can be effectively used to help tight muscles stretch to allow for an easier birth.

You can use these essential oils individually or can combine them to produce the desired effect.

All of these tools are helpful and finding the combination that makes you feel the best and promote labour is unique only to you. If you are ready to give birth and are to term (38 weeks onwards) these tools are the natural solutions that will work to help you start labour, progress through labour consistently, ease labour discomforts and help to keep mom to be calm and relaxed.