What is Frequency Therapy? Does it Work

Everything we can see around us is made up of energy. This includes our own physical bodies. What we perceive as solid matter is actually just energy waves when it is broken down to the atomic level. Albert Einstein once said, “Everything in life is vibration”. All things have their own vibrational frequency, meaning they […]

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Massage Therapy to Reduce Stress, Fatigue, and Burnout

Stress can have detrimental effects on our health in a variety of ways. It can have an impact on not only our mental health, but our physical health as well. Stress in small doses can actually be a good thing, and in certain circumstances it might even save your life. However, it is chronic stress […]

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Inducing Labor with Acupuncture

Past your due date and looking for safe and effective approaches of inducing labor? Or maybe your due date is rapidly approaching, and you just want to cover all your bases to reduce complications when the big moment comes? What ever the case may be, acupuncture can be just the solution you are looking for. […]

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