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Breast Massage for New Moms

By Patti MacGregor, RMT The postpartum period is a time of many physical and emotional readjustments. After childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes many structural and physiological changes in order to heal from the rigors of labour. Adapting to life with a new baby that demands 24 hour care can be extremely difficult, for a new […]

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traditional chinese medicine

Debunking Those Therapy Myths

By Talia Singer, RN, Psychotherapist There’s an old therapy joke that says if you arrive early for an appointment, you’re anxious. If you arrive late for an appointment, you’re anti-social. If you arrive exactly on time for an appointment, you’re obsessive-compulsive. The joke goes with an image of a long couch and a therapist sitting […]

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Mind-Body Fertility Conference to Help Infertile Couples

  Published on Oct 17 2014 Isabel Teotonio Living reporter Amira Posner remembers the despair that set in as she and her husband struggled with infertility, trying to get pregnant with Baby No. 2. She would curl up in bed, feeling ashamed and anxious. “I felt isolated and deficient,” says the 38-year-old Toronto social worker, […]

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