alternative medicine

Massage for Children and Teens

Often massage therapy is specifically marketed to adults, but it can also be beneficial for both children and teenagers. Studies have shown that short regular massages have positive results for children dealing with ADD and ADHD helping the child to become calmer and more focused.

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Acutoronto at the Green Living Show

Acutoronto at the Green Living Show!!! Join Jennifer MacDonald, Naturopathic Doctor and Jenny Redding our Community Acupuncturist on April 25-27 at the Direct Energy Centre. Recharge your batteries with onsite acupuncture and healthy living tips to detox, energize and relax for a better you.

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osteopathic treatment

C-Section and Osteopathy

Being born however is one of the most stressful events we may ever experience. The soft bones of a baby’s skull overlap or ‘mould’ as the contractile forces of the uterus squeeze the baby down the birth canal. Generally after birth the moulding resolves naturally with feeding and crying. In some cases however, some of the strains remain.

Osteopathic Practitioners believe that retained moulding in the skull and restrictions in a baby’s body are an important factor in reflux, colic, difficulties feeding and bringing up wind, vomiting, irritability, poor sleeping, ear infections and plagiocephaly.

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