Mind Body Medicine for Fertility

By Amira Posner MSW “A basic emotion such as fear can be described as an abstract feeling or a tangible molecule of the hormone adrenaline. Without the feeling there is no hormone; without the hormone there is no feeling. The revolution we call mind-body medicine was based on the simple discovery; wherever thought goes, a […]

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Food Cravings and What they say about You!

Sugar cravings anyone? We’ve all had our fair share of cravings for that piece of chocolate or needing a salty treat. Have you ever thought of what that actually means and why your body is telling you to eat something which we may or may not need caloric wise. Well here is why according to […]

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Food Addictions and What You can do to Fight Back

What are people more likely to become addicted to, a bowl full of kale salad or potato chips?
Highly processed foods are loaded with sugar, fat, and salt in combinations that keep you coming back for more.

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