ABC’s of Inflammation

By Jennifer Redding, Acupuncturist What do Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Celiac, Crohn’s Disease, Eczema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, B owel disturbances, and Chronic Fatigue have in common?  They’re all diseases, true, but the best answer is that they are all caused by or associated with inflammation. Inflammation is controlled by hormones called prostaglandins, some of them promote inflammation, and […]

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Your Fertile Thyroid.

By Jasmine Sufi, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Did you know that the thyroid gland weighs only 20 grams and is responsible in regulating the body’s metabolism, energetic system and when healthy can improve fertility while when in dysfunction can cause recurrent miscarriage? It is responsible for regulating the function of every tissue in our bodies! […]

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Breast Massage for New Moms

By Patti MacGregor, RMT The postpartum period is a time of many physical and emotional readjustments. After childbirth, a woman’s body undergoes many structural and physiological changes in order to heal from the rigors of labour. Adapting to life with a new baby that demands 24 hour care can be extremely difficult, for a new […]

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