Supervisory and Mentoring for Mental Health Providers

Calling all counselling students, art therapy students, Registered Psychotherapists and Art Therapists! Looking for a clinical supervisor to help you be the best mental health provider you can be? Clinical supervision is a requirement for therapists beginning their practice and considered ethical practice for more experienced counsellors as well. Supervision can bring a new perspective to your […]

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Acai Berries – Improving Egg Quality

Infertility affects 1 in 3 couples in North America and with the immense advances of IVF technology and better knowledge of blood work, more and more couples are being diagnosed with poor egg quality as their source of infertility.  Now the number one reason for poor egg quality is due to poor ovarian reserve and […]

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Improving Egg Quality - Infertility

Changing Egg Quality with Your Diet

Egg health is an extremely important factor when it comes to female fertility. Traditionally, it was believed that egg quality was only affected by one determining factor: age. While age is usually the most critical factor for egg quality and the overall health of the ovarian reserve, it is not the only influence that can […]

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