Sleep Habits - boosting fertility infographic

Melatonin + Fertility: Can you sleep yourself pregnant?

Wouldn’t that be nice? You wake up in the morning – and “Voila!” Time to pull out the maternity pants. Unfortunately sleep is not quite that magical, but there appears to be a “magical” number of hours to sleep to maximize your chances of conceiving. Research has found that women who sleep 7-8 hours have […]

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Can Saizen Help Improve Egg Quality?

The practice of using Saizen to enhance egg quality for women struggling with infertility is still a fairly uncommon treatment, but has been proven to be effective. What is Saizen? Saizen is a type of prescription medicine that is used to treat Growth Hormone Deficiency (GDH). It has been traditionally used to treat children that […]

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Turning Breech Babies with Moxa

What is a breech baby? By the time a pregnancy has reached week 36 or 37, the baby is typically situated in a head down position in the uterus, in order to come out head first through the birth canal. Occasionally, the baby is positioned upside down, meaning the baby would come out feet or […]

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