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Jouney from Infertility to Motherhood

Having worked with couples trying to conceive for many years, I understand how hard the journey to having a family can be.

Statistics say one in every three couples suffer from infertility concerns. This number seems alarming and heartbreaking as the emotional and physical ups and downs of trying month after month and the fear of not being able to conceive is a stressful and difficult path.

This struggle is a common struggle and more often than not a private battle.

Over the years I’ve seen many success stories and I always find sharing these journeys help others that are going through their own infertility issues. It gives hope and helps couples work through their goals as they try to attain their own family.

The following is the story one of our Acutoronto patients wanted to share to help others maintain hope that one day they, too, will achieve their own family. I always tell my patients that everyone’s journey is unique and although sometimes the journey seems longer than others, to do their best to stay optimistic. I hope this story is helpful.

My Journey to Motherhood

By: K.R

I knew I always wanted to be a mother. Every time I held a child, my heart would melt and I knew that I would be a mom one day. My husband and I, newly married, were very naive at the beginning of our journey. Our plan was to wait a year and start trying, and we thought having kids would be no problem. Little did we know back in 2010, that it would be a four-year battle full of heartbreak and, at times, despair.

We started our journey trying to conceive naturally. I began treatment with a naturopath familiar with infertility and went on to take many supplements for more than a year. At the same time, a friend suggested an acupuncture clinic called Acutoronto. I went for acupuncture every week for more than a year and drank herbal teas in order to help with my egg quality and overall health.

In addition, we also decided to visit our family doctor’s office. He suggested starting the process at a fertility clinic so they could run a full battery of tests on my husband since we were trying for a year with no luck. We were both over the age of 35 and I had rheumatoid arthritis.

So we went with high hopes thinking we will have no problem and might even get twins. We were very wrong. The whole experience at the fertility clinic was filled with anxiety and disappointment for us. We did cycle monitoring, fertility drugs and two IUI’s (intrauterine insemination) with no luck. Several thousands of dollars later, a blood test testing ovarian reserve (AMH – measures the number of eggs left) came back very low. The doctor, without any compassion or sympathy, proceeded to tell me my chances of conceiving naturally were almost impossible. She went on to say the only way I can ever get pregnant is thorough IVF (in vitro fertilization). With tears in my eyes, I left the office. I can still remember that day so clearly.

We decided to keep IVF as an option in the future and focus on us and going back to trying the natural way.

Fast forward to 2014. After seeing a few naturopaths and spending a small fortune on supplements, I realized these supplements were not working and I was taking almost 15 pills a day. One day I just decided to do some research and I found a new naturopath that specialized in autoimmune infertility. I called her and she put me on new supplements that focused on suppressing my immune system and after one full cycle I was pregnant. I think my faith and combination of acupuncture, teas and supplements and having the right group of positive people around me is the reason I’m a mom today to a very happy healthy little boy.

I hope my story can encourage others to never give up. Do your research and find the right people for you and your specific issues Sometimes it may feel like you will never have a child or that you just can’t go on anymore . I felt like that too but what got me through was a very supportive husband and a great group of people you respect and love close to you. Faith is also important because that is really what gave me hope. Just remember you don’t need to take this journey alone.

Source: Inside Toronto