How to improve your chances at IVF. 5 must do’s to help you conceive.

By: Jasmine Sufi

One in every 3 couples are now facing infertility concerns, often seeking some form of treatment to help them conceive.It is not an easy path to take and those that really want a family with children often embark on a series of interventions that can be physically, mentally and financially difficult.The Ontario Government has now recognized infertility to be a growing concern and has approved the funding of 1 IVF cycle in a couples life time, offering financial relief for more than 4000 families a year.This is great news for many families, giving them access to a medical intervention that they may not have been able to otherwise afford.For more information on if you qualify please contact your fertility clinic.For more information on government funding:

IVF is a big endeavor to say the least. It requires careful cycle monitoring, meaning frequent ultrasounds and blood work tracking the developing eggs, while administering large amounts of medication to increase the number of eggs you produce. Also means retrieval or harvesting of the eggs a procedure under sedation/anesthetics and waiting as the eggs are fertilized and growing, hoping that they make it and are able to be transferred or frozen for later transfers. And finally transfer! And the 2 week wait hoping that implantation occurs. As controlled and deliberate science is the outcome is not always perfect. There are so many factors that can help or hinder your chances of IVF, I wanted to talk about the steps you could take to ensure that your IVF is successful. Here is my 5 step guide to help you have a successful IVF.

1. Improve egg quality! The number one question for couples going into an IVF have is how can we improve egg quality. Start on a regimen of CoQ10 and PQQ supplements as well as high amounts of Antioxidants in your diet. This should be done for at least 3 months before entering your IVF cycle. This is crucial to ensuring that the number and quality of eggs retrieved at your IVF cycle is the best you can produce. Not to forget your partner, male counterparts can also benefit from this regimen helping to improve sperm counts, motility and mobility.

2. Decrease Stress. Stress if a large factor in our overall mental and physical wellbeing. If you are considering IVF you should take a very close look at what your stress levels really are and how your body processes it. Once you’ve examined your own personal stress levels take one or more of these steps to help your body process stress better.

  1. Fertility Yoga

    A suggested resource you can do in the comfort of your home.

  2. Take a vitamin B complex

  3. Meditation

    A reference to free mindfulness meditation resources that can help:

  4. Exercise (for those that are not used to exercise simply walk, preferably outside)

  5. Simply make time for things you enjoy doing.

3. Acupuncture, most fertility doctors are now recommending acupuncture in conjunction with conventional fertility treatments. Why? It helps decrease stress and anxiety but most importantly it helps to improve blood circulation to the uterus. There are two treatment protocols that are recommended.

  1. Weekly acupuncture treatments for 8-12 weeks prior to your IVF cycle. This helps improve egg quality as well as your overall health.

  2. Two acupuncture treatments timed one prior to embryo transfer and one right after embryo transfer. Scientific data suggests that these timed treatments significantly increase the chances of embryo implantation.

4. Take time off of work! This is also a common question I get. I suggest taking time off work after embryo transfer because work is often a large source of stress. Even if it is just mental stress it is still stress. So the next question is what do I do if I get bored? Yes, waiting the 2 week wait after a transfer is difficult and staying home can elevate anxieties instead of decrease them. My suggestion is keep busy with positive things, an art workshop, good books and funny movies and surround yourself with people that are supportive and you enjoy being around. But keep in mind, time off isn’t an excuse to organize the closet or clean the whole house. Keep physical activity to a minimum.

5. Be positive! Finally one of the most important steps is to remain positive. It’s difficult because some how one fearful thought leads to an avalanche of fear, anxiety and worry. It’s not easy, having tools to distract you like mindful meditation, fun positive movies and books and most of all optimistic supportive friends and family. Your mind controls your body and how you mentally feel is how you feel physically so do everything in your power to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

IVF is a challenging road to take, it is in your best interest that you and your partner are physically and mentally ready to meet these challenges and do your very best to enter a cycle as healthy as you can be. Taking these 5 steps will ensure you put your best foot or should we say eggs forward to achieve your dreams of a family.