What do your cravings say about you? A Traditional Chinese Medicine approach

What does your cravings say about you?

Sugar cravings anyone? We’ve all had our fair share of cravings for that piece of chocolate or needing a salty treat.  Have you ever thought of what that actually means and why your body is telling you to eat something which we may or may not need caloric wise.  Well here is why according to Chinese Medicine cravings exist and what exactly having consistent craving tells us about you!

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 5 elements that exist in nature.  Each individual based on our genetic makeup will fall into one of these 5 categories.  Food preferences or cravings are present as a means of helping the body re-balance when specific foods are consumed in small to moderate amounts it rejuvenates and strengthens the element.

The five elements that exist include: Metal, fire, wood, water and earth.  There is a taste, an emotion as well as a personality description for each of these elements. We all fall into one or a combination of these elements.  Which element are you?

Have a sweet tooth?

You fall into the Earth element.  The Earth personality is described as down to earth, the helper of all that often takes on too much.  The emotion linked to the earth element is worry, so if you’re a worry wart, this might be you.  Earth type personalities have a tendency towards sudden acute attacks of digestive distress such as acid reflux, gas, bloating and ulcers.

Craving Spicy foods?

You may have a metal body type.  Metal personalities often are guarded and have socially correct personalities.  They may experience a lot of grief and sadness for longer than the average individual.  Individuals with this body type will often experience a tendency towards respiratory issues such as allergies, chest congestion and asthma.

Craving Sour?

The wood element is related to the sour taste. Wood type personalities will tend to be aggressive, strong and very assertive with a tendency towards anger. This type of person has a propensity towards irritability, depression and feeling stressed. This individual is prone to experiencing migraines, PMS symptoms as well as pain that may lead to digestive concerns.

Craving Salty foods?

Mmm…this is the one for me!  I love salt, especially lately. The Water element is linked to the taste of salt.  Water personalities are easy going, go with the flow individuals.  A tendency to being timid or fearful.  Health risks that the water element personality may experience includes: osteoporosis, edema, weak knees and ankles as well as arthritis.

Bitter cravings?

Craving dark chocholate?  If you experience regular bitter cravings you may be a Fire type.  Fire type personalities are very passionate, tendency to extreme bursts of anger or joy, is very driven and enthusiastic.  Health weaknesses that the fire type tends to have includes: sleep disturbances, anxiety, memory loss, heart palpitations and dizziness.

Having cravings can be a good thing, consuming a certain taste according to Chinese Medicine will help strengthen the element, ensuring balance. Cravings are your body’s signal to let you know you are depleted.  This doesn’t give you permission to eat that whole tub of ice cream or the entire bag of chips! The key is moderate amounts.  Consuming your preferred cravings in large amounts may backfire and cause damage and harm to the element as well as your body.  If you are experiencing excessive cravings it is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong.  Pay attention and get the help you need to re-balance and regain your health and wellness.