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PQQ the new super anti-aging secret for your eggs! Improve egg quality

PQQ Improves Egg Quaility

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Acai Berries – Improving Egg Quality

Infertility affects 1 in 3 couples in North America and with the immense advances of IVF technology and better knowledge of blood work, more and more couples are being diagnosed with poor egg quality as their source of infertility.  Now the number one reason for poor egg quality is due to poor ovarian reserve and […]

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Acupuncture to Improve Uterine Lining

A healthy uterine wall is essential for viable embryo implantation and a successful pregnancy. The uterine lining, also called the endometrium, is the tissue that lines the inner layer of the uterus, or womb. Uterine lining needs to be of a certain thickness for an embryo to have any chance of embedding itself into the […]

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Melatonin + Fertility: Can you sleep yourself pregnant?

Wouldn’t that be nice? You wake up in the morning – and “Voila!” Time to pull out the maternity pants. Unfortunately sleep is not quite that magical, but there appears to be a “magical” number of hours to sleep to maximize your chances of conceiving. Research has found that women who sleep 7-8 hours have […]

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Can Saizen Help Improve Egg Quality?

The practice of using Saizen to enhance egg quality for women struggling with infertility is still a fairly uncommon treatment, but has been proven to be effective. What is Saizen? Saizen is a type of prescription medicine that is used to treat Growth Hormone Deficiency (GDH). It has been traditionally used to treat children that […]

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Massage Therapy to Boost Fertility

There are many underlying issues that can contribute to, and result in, infertility. Unfortunately, infertility is a challenge that a lot of couples are struggling with. There are many options to be explored for boosting fertility and increasing chances for conception. One option that works for many people trying to overcome infertility problems is plain […]

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Benefits of Cupping for Health and Fertility

What is Cupping? Cupping is a traditional Chinese Medicine practice used to increase blood circulation and stimulate the flow of energy. How does it work? The cupping treatment process is carried out by heating up glass cups and placing them on the skin. The cups are placed along the meridians in the body, which function […]

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Top 3 IVF Apps – Pros and Cons

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be a very effective method to help you get pregnant. A lot of women struggling with infertility have found IVF to be a successful solution. IVF can be a complicated and involved process, so it can be extremely helpful to have an efficient way to keep track of important information […]

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How Gratitude Can Boost your Fertility

Gratitude can go a long way to increasing feelings of happiness and well-being, but can it really play a role in your fertility? The answer is yes, showing and feeling gratitude can have a positive effect on fertility. Having said that, sometimes making it actually happen is easier said than done. First of all, the […]

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Top 5 Fertility Apps – Pros and Cons

Getting pregnant can sometimes be an incredibly trying process. In fact, trying again and again with no results can become infuriating, discouraging, and exhausting. There is a myriad of TTC apps available to help you track the entire process and keep organized. This can help relieve a bit of the stress involved with trying to […]

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