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Acai Berries – Improving Egg Quality

Infertility affects 1 in 3 couples in North America and with the immense advances of IVF technology and better knowledge of blood work, more and more couples are being diagnosed with poor egg quality as their source of infertility.  Now the number one reason for poor egg quality is due to poor ovarian reserve and […]

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Melatonin + Fertility: Can you sleep yourself pregnant?

Wouldn’t that be nice? You wake up in the morning – and “Voila!” Time to pull out the maternity pants. Unfortunately sleep is not quite that magical, but there appears to be a “magical” number of hours to sleep to maximize your chances of conceiving. Research has found that women who sleep 7-8 hours have […]

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How Gratitude Can Boost your Fertility

Gratitude can go a long way to increasing feelings of happiness and well-being, but can it really play a role in your fertility? The answer is yes, showing and feeling gratitude can have a positive effect on fertility. Having said that, sometimes making it actually happen is easier said than done. First of all, the […]

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Emotions! What It Does to Your Body and Chemicals it Releases. 

Have you ever thought about what our emotions do to our bodys? We are all human so we have all experienced anger, frustration, stress, joy, worry at some point in our day.  Every thought we have has a physical repercussion.  Long term anger or frustration or stress can have a negative impact on our health.  […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On: Tips to Managing Stress

  You’re too busy read this article. You’ve got deadlines, places to go, people to see and care for, and a job you must go to. You may not even have time to think about how stress is seeping into your day, affecting your relationships, or keeping you up at night.  The quest to find […]

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“…And then there was the time I had a panic attack”: Confessions of a Psychotherapist

Psychotherapy can help manage anxiety and panic attacks.

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Cannabis in Chinese Medicine

Cannabis in Chinese Medicine Did you know that the cannabis plant has been used in Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years? Medical marijuana is now “legal” in Ontario, which has set forward a wildfire of pop-up businesses hoping to cash in on the potential benefits of this beyond-our-years plant that has had a pretty […]

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5 Easy Healthy Snacking Ideas

Planning ahead and coming prepared with healthy snacks is a wonderful way to ensure you are not tempted to pickup processed, high sugar foods that are not health promoting.  The key to maintaining energy and blood sugar throughout the day is to ensure you include some fiber, fat and protein in your snacking.  Fiber, fat […]

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Procrastination and Therapy

Thinking about going to therapy is a task involving mental aerobics. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What about the cost? What about feeling better? What if no one can help me? Who can I trust? All these questions swirling about seem to become louder and louder the greater unhappiness is. Yet the moment we get any […]

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Spring is a season when flowers are in bloom, trees are budding and the sun is shining but for some unfortunate people, spring time also means a season filled with sneezing, runny noses, itchy and watery eyes. Allergic rhinitis affects over 20% of the population and seems to have a strong genetic component. Statistics show […]

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