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Makes these baby making brownies to help boost your fertility! When I offered my friend one of these decadent chocolatey delights, she asked “what’s in them?!” While there is nothing that rhymes with ‘do ya wanna?’, there are some surprising ingredients that packs a medicinal punch and may improve your chances of conceiving. These brownies […]

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5 Easy Healthy Snacking Ideas

Planning ahead and coming prepared with healthy snacks is a wonderful way to ensure you are not tempted to pickup processed, high sugar foods that are not health promoting.  The key to maintaining energy and blood sugar throughout the day is to ensure you include some fiber, fat and protein in your snacking.  Fiber, fat […]

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Procrastination and Therapy

Thinking about going to therapy is a task involving mental aerobics. Should I? Shouldn’t I? What about the cost? What about feeling better? What if no one can help me? Who can I trust? All these questions swirling about seem to become louder and louder the greater unhappiness is. Yet the moment we get any […]

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Seasonal Eating

It is officially summer and my favourite time of year for food because we are getting into the heart of the local growing season in Ontario.  There is nothing better than local produce, the taste is second to none, it supports local farmers and more of the nutrients are maintained because the produce didn’t spend […]

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Finding Pride through Art Therapy

Happy Pride Month! The Month long celebration in June will culminate with the festivities of the Pride Parade in downtown Toronto the first weekend in July. Canada’s first ever Pride Month has been festive as well as emotional for the LGBTQ community.  While we celebrate unity and social progress, we also remember the hard road […]

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How Can Art Therapy Help you Through the Stress of Fertility

By: Talia Singer – Mental Health Counsellor & Art Psychotherapist Wait. Waiting. Wanting. This is the stressful process of planning a pregnancy with fertility interventions. The stress of this waiting game can be a gloomy source of anxiety impacting both the likelihood of pregnancy and the pregnancy itself. Sometimes the pain is too abstract to […]

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5 Ways to Maintain Optimal Postpartum Nutrition

Most women focus on good nutrition during pregnancy, but it is equally important to continue this after the baby is born. Your body has gone through a significant physical and emotional event to carry and deliver a baby. Pregnancy and delivery put extra strain on the body and it takes time to recover. Also, depending […]

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Caring for yourself after the delivery…with Osteopathy.

The six week period following the birth of your baby is known as the post-partum stage. Many changes happen to the mother during this period. Changes during pregnancy During pregnancy, your body undergoes tremendous change to accommodate the growing fetus. Apart from the obvious physical changes like expansion of the abdominal region, hormonal releases can affect the function […]

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Get the Sugar Monkey off Your Back

Sugar is everywhere, we have learned it makes everything taste good, it even “helps the medicine go down” according to Mary Poppin’s. But did you know the average Canadian consumes 88 lbs of sugar per year and children and teens tip the scales at over 100lbs of sugar per year! Wow was my response to […]

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Adult Colouring Books…Am I Doing Art Therapy?

Recently while seeking a research book for art therapy practice on, I typed in the words ‘art therapy’ into the search engine. Not surprisingly I was presented with pages and page of adult colouring books that preceded any theory or research books on the subject of art therapy. In the past, when I would […]

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